Consultancy & Training

Attend EDC staff are qualified experienced practitioners with a background in Education, Behaviour Welfare and Youth Work. They have worked at the sharp end of operational delivery and have an in- depth knowledge and understanding of the needs of schools, families and children. Attend EDC staff are also experienced Family Liaison officers and early intervention Attendance Officers who offer further school based support.

Training for Attendance officers/Attendance Leads £35 – 2 hours 

Are your staff getting the best out of your attendance?  This session will look at your procedures around Attendance and Safeguarding to make sure that they are working for you.

Formal Supervision for:

Attendance Staff £35
DSL Staff £50 per session

Formal 1-1 or Group Supervision for School’s DSL and / or Deputy DSL’s.
(…Specific Safeguarding Supervision….significantly enhance Safeguarding knowledge and practice….OFSTED 2018)

Work with school / academy DSL to create Safeguarding Action Plan following completion of 175/157 Audit.

Well-Being for Staff

Register Check with Recommendations and Action Plan £89 

Attendance Audit with Recommendations and impact statements for Governors and Inspectors £150 

Attend EDC will:

  • Review your Attendance Policy, making sure it works for you
  • Evaluate data of whole academy / school attendance systems
  • Review attendance legislation, guidance & procedures ensuring they are in place
  • Carry out an evaluation of existing academy / school interventions
  • Interview Staff who have responsibilities for attendance, ensuring best practice
  • Speak to young people and seek their views on attendance
  • Identify how you can get the most of your IT attendance system for preparation of attendance reports for Ofsted, Governors and Senior Leadership Team, including identification of FSM, EAL, PP, SEN etc.
  • Identify any Safeguarding issues with regard to attendance
  • Identify any training needs 

Safeguarding Training (formally level 1)

Whole School Education Safeguarding Training (Previous Level 1)

£150 (Attend EDC) up to 50 staff

£170 (Non Attend EDC schools)  up to 50 staff

Awareness around Prevent £45 Staff Meeting Training

Awareness around CSE £45 Staff Meeting Training

Positive Physical Support £150 

Before any Training is offered there must be a meeting to discuss your schools individual need.

We will cover the Legal and Ethical element of physically supporting children and young people.

We provide practical guidance on Safely supporting children and young people.

Behaviour Management and Guidance for Positive Physical Support (For SLT, or other staff identified by Headteacher). This can include Follow Up Support to oversee behaviour plans and Risk Assessments.

Support Each Other’s Learning £200

2 x 2 hour sessions with pupils- who are struggling with issues they don’t understand within their classroom

We also can offer advice, training for: £45 per hour

Support new to post Head Teachers & Senior Management/Attendance Lead with responsibilities for attendance, behaviour or safeguarding

Support for Academies/Schools that are striving for ‘Ofsted Outstanding’ for attendance

Support for Academies/school, with Notice to Improve

Provide useful tool for early identification of concerns

Ensure Safeguarding is met, with regard to attendance

Identify training requirements

Support attendance target setting, objectives & strategies

Late Gates £150

At Attend EDC we know that a child’s attendance has a direct impact on their learning

Those children who are regularly absent from school and arrive late do not achieve their full potential and fall behind in class.  With our Late Gate procedures, we can support you in celebrating good attendance and punctuality, plus help Parents and Children understand the importance of Attendance and Punctuality.

This package involves a term of Late Gates, Letters, Home Visits and Attendance Clinics.

Assemblies £30 

Power Point Presentation for young people in all topics

Playtime Leaders

Making lunchtime more productive £150

For more Information about any of the above, please contact Gill Tellwright

Attend Sport

Attend sport engages children and young people in physical and emotional activity, click here to visit our website

Attendance Reviews

If you want to have an attendance review to enable you to be fully prepared to improve attendance and attainment for the next academic year please ensure you book with us soon,as dates are filling up.
I am happy to have an informal discussion with you if you are currently considering a review.

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